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March Calendar of Events

A handy preview of the month ahead.

@BreakTheHuddle, E-mail: BreakTheHuddle@gmail.com

Date      Classification                      Event

ALL         Boring                                National Women’s History Month

ALL         Very Boring                       National ‘Save Your Vision’ Month

ALL         Dull / MLB                         Spring Training games in AZ and FL

ALL         NCAA Basketball             Madness

8th           NFL                                   Peyton Manning is due $28 million roster bonus

8th           Holiday                             Purim (Google it. You’ll learn something.)

11th         Annoyance                       Daylight Savings (The bad one – Lose an hour)

11th          NCAA Basketball             Selection Sunday

13th         NFL                                  Free Agency begins, 4 PM Eastern

13-14th  NCAA Basketball               First Four (The play-in games)

15th         NBA                                 Trade Deadline

15th-16th  NCAA Basketball            Second Round (formerly known as the 1st Round)

17th         Holiday/Annoyance        St. Patrick’s Day

17th-18th  NCAA Basketball           Third Round (formerly known as the 2nd Round)

20th         Boring                             First Day of Spring (technically)

22nd-23rd  NCAA Basketball           Sweet Sixteen

24th-25th  NCAA Basketball            Elite 8

26th-28th  NFL                                 NFL Owner’s Meetings

28th-29th  MLB                                Opening Series (Oakland v Seattle, from Tokyo)

31st          NCAA Basketball           Final Four (Title game is April 2nd)


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