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Random Doppelganger of the Day


Are we certain that three- time batting champion and former league MVP Joe Mauer and “The Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth are NOT the same person?

Is this the face of pretty boy actor Liam Hemsworth, or pretty boy ballplayer Joe Mauer?

Is this guy in Miley Cyrus’ league, or the American League?


Liam Hemsworth, looking awkward with a kitten? Or Joe Mauer, just hanging out with a fellow… you know, I try to keep this site family friendly. So I won’t finish that joke.

Joe Mauer, awkwardly posing on the ground? Or Liam Hemsworth, gracefully posing on the ground?


Was this awkward close-up taken on the red carpet in Hollywood, or outside a trainer’s room?

Was the excuse for this terrible photograph “No one yelled action!”, or was it “I’m Joe Mauer and I’m terribly awkward! Get used to it!”?

One thing I hadn’t considered…

That both men actually…

… switched places in April, 2011, with Joe Mauer appearing in “The Hunger Games” and Liam Hemsworth playing catcher for the Twins?

Think it sounds far-fetched? Well, yeah, but humor me…

According to the Wikipedia page for “The Hunger Games”, filming began in early May, 2011. In late April, Joe Mauer was placed on the disabled list by the Minnesota Twins. The cause? A heretofore unheard-of ailment known as “bilateral leg weakness.” During his time away from the team, reports surfaced that he was working out for six hours a day and could not return to the team until he was 100% healthy. So what was really going on?

Joe went to North Carolina (where the movie was filmed) to do scenes for “The Hunger Games”. Liam Hemsworth came to Minnesota and played catcher for the Twins. Seriously, after late June (when “Mauer” returned) he hit a grand total of 3 home runs in 262 plate appearances, which made no sense for a guy making $24 million per season, but makes PERFECT sense when you send some Australian body double to stand in for him.

Filming wrapped for “The Hunger Games on September 15th… the day AFTER “Joe Mauer” (Liam Hemsworth) was declared to be “out for the year” due to complications from “pneumonia”. How does this fit into the scheme? Simple. Once filming wraps, the press tours begin. The movie needed Hemsworth back so he could hit the road to promote the movie; you can’t send Mauer on a press tour. The awkward moments would’ve been too much to bear.

So on September 15, they just sort of switched back – Mauer to his multi-million dollar cabin to rest and recuperate, and Hemsworth to stir up gaggles of screaming pubescent girls everywhere he went. And since the Twins sucked so badly in 2011, now they have the 2nd overall pick in June’s amateur draft! See! It was a win-win for everybody! We can all forget about Mauer’s 2011 season, which submarined all faith in his ability and made Twins fans certain his $180 million contract would be an albatross around the franchise’s neck for the next decade because that wasn’t really him! It was some Australian kid!

It’s fair to wonder – did the two just change jobs, or was it a full-on lifestyle switcheroo?

Let the Joe Mauer – Miley Cyrus rumors begin.

How to resolve this?

Hand Liam Hemsworth a baseball bat. Throw a ball at him. If he hits a ground ball ever so gingerly to where the second baseman would be standing… case closed.

Do you think these two look alike? Have another sports doppelganger you’d like to see featured? Let me know at BreakTheHuddle@gmail.com.

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